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LogDepot web client

The LogDepot web client is a web-based client application. It is extremely easy to use; there is no need for dedicated software on the client PCís. Users can simply double-click the URL and start using the system.

And because the LogDepot license model is not dependant on the number of users, the system can be used by everyone within the customerís network.
All standard functionalities such as browse for video content, search, visualize and export video fragments, are available from the web client.

Web client features

  • Web Based; no user licenses
  • Choose Room/Channel, Date & Time
  • Timeline for Navigation and Control
  • Thumbnail overview
  • Full screen mode
  • Language selection (multilingual program or conference)
  • Metadata view & editing
  • Export functionality (download, MP3/MP4, CD/DVD robot, website,....)
  • Copy event button for export
  • Queue option

Choose from the list below to download more information (PDF) about our web client:
     pdf LogDepot Conference web client
     pdf LogDepot Conference technical info
     pdf LogDepot Broadcast web client
      pdf LogDepot Broadcast technical info

The LogDepot architecture is powerful, yet simple in design. It was designed to be robust and reliable, but also scalable, flexible and efficient.

The audio/video backends receive the input signals and record the signal on their local disk, while encoding or transcoding to the required formats. The system is capable of handling a number of input signals on one backend server PC: varying from a few to dozens. And there is virtually no limit to the number of backend servers, so scaling up the system is as simple as adding another backend server PC.
The fetcher process, residing on the AV server, continuously fetches small parts of the AV backends and stores the media onto the central storage.
The webclient, also residing on the AV server, provides the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the users on the customer network. The pictures below show an audio/video version of the web based LogDepot GUI.

Recording TV programs from DVB Transport Streams