LogDepot Broadcast Appliance

The LogDepot Broadcast Appliance (LDBA) operates as a single stand-alone video recording system. LDBA combines hardware and software based on Arbor Media's renewed recording quality and reliability in an easy-to-install 19'' rack device. It's available in multiple system setups, depending on the video source-signal format and the number of channels to be recorded. The standard storage capacity of the system is based on the most commonly required storage time of 90 days. Extensions of up to six months are available as an option. During this time for distribution and retrieving purposes the recordings can be exported manually or automatically to the internal Mediaboard storage or to a network location. 

Broadcasting corporations and media authorities are faced with and work on the basis of ever stricter complinace and risk challenges. Government legislation and regulations, liability issues and risk management policies have prompted many of the organizations involved to proactively record and archive TV channel output. With the introduction of LDBA, Arbor Media introduces an easy-to-use, plug & play video recording compliance system which is fully adapted to meet the needs and demands of broadcasters and media authorities. 

LDBA is web based and does not require the installation of any specific software locally. You can simply enter the URL of the LDBA, configured system and start using it! All standard functionalities such as browse for video content, visualize and publish video fragments are available from the web client application, offering a thumbnail overview and easy navigation. 

  • Standardized plug & play;
  • LDBA hard- and software configuration adapted to required system configuration (channels and storage);
  • High availability redundancy hardware including hard disk RAID setup and redundant PSU;
  • Automatic 24/7 recording;
  • Multiple user access via web browser interface;
  • Cost-effective, innovative and easy-to-use product;
  • Very limited learning curve: just connect, start and operate!;
  • Remote management via web interface;
  • Three specific versions SD - SDI, HD - SDI and TSoIP (SPTS and MPTS);
  • Possibilities to manually add metadata to files/clips before exporting them.

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