Compliance Recording for Broadcast

Compliance Recording for Broadcasters is the primary application for our well known LogDepot system. Built as a full automatic 24/7 recording system for Radio and Television signals, including Telextext and Closed Captioning (Subtitles), LogDepot offers an unattended Compliance Recording system, while the user-friendly web interface allows quick and easy browsing and exporting of broadcast clips. As a professional compliance monitoring solution, the system can be built redundantly, so that every second of the broadcast transmission, is recorded reliably.

Being an off-the-shelf software solution based on standard PC hardware, the LogDepot can record from practically any type of source input:

Video Audio Video and Audio
SDI Balanced Analogue ASI
HD-SDI Unbalanced Analogue TS-over-IP (RTP/UDP)
Composite Video AES-EBU DVB-S2

Read more about our LIRA Compliance Recording System.

The LogDepot system is also used as a Broadcast monitoring system, to monitor competition and other broadcast sources for various purposes.

Compliance Recording for many Radio and Television channels from Audio, Video or IP inputs

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