Web Publishing-VOD for Court Rooms

The web publication of archived court sessions, is - in some cases - a formal or moral obligation to later generations. Informative metadata allowing the audience to search for names or subjects, is indispensable for a friendly user experience.

The information displayed however be accurate and absolutely correct! The display of a protected witness's name is far beyond annoying! That is why our unique Mediaboard module on the LogDepot system allows full review and correction possibilities of recorded court sessions, before publishing them. Both speakernames, role, stages can be modified, added, deleted etc.  When everything has been verified the publication of the trial onto the Connected Views Video on Demand platform is a matter of pressing a button. The upload process of the video, audio and all of the metadata is full automatic process, and the session will appear in the cloud when this process is finished successfully.

Even if - despite all good efforts - a mistake is discovered after publication, this mistake can be corrected and the whole court session can be re-published. The Video on Demand platform will automatically determine that this is a re-publication of an existing debate and will replace the debate with the older, previous version.

Read more about Arbor applications for Court Rooms and Tribunals.

LogDepot is also used for Video-on-Demand Web-Publishing by City Councils and Parliaments

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