Conference Recording for Parliaments

Arbor Media's LogDepot is the central recording unit in many parliaments. Whether as flexible and efficient stand-alone system (LogDepot SOLO) or as complete redundant LogDepot Enterprise system.

The unmatched versatility of the LogDepot system, is basis for the constantly increasing popularity of the product. Modern times ask for modern, efficient solutions. Why buy a special separate system for recording for the hansard department, and one to record Video-on-Demand for the parliament's website, and another one for Broadcast Servcies, and another one more for the archive, and yet one more for in house publication of parliamentary debates, and another one and ....

Those days are gone. Today, LogDepot is the proven all-in-one solution for recording and streaming of parliamentary content.

LogDepot provides an all-in-one solution for Transcription (Hansard), Webcasting (both Live Streaming and Video on Demand, In-house publishing, Broadcast Services and Archiving.

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