Arbor Media to present its advanced software portfolio at ISE 2018

"Software is the future of conferencing and AV"

For decades, hardware has dominated the AV industry. However, as in many other technology industries, software is taking over. Arbor Media is at the forefront of this trend with a comprehensive portfolio of conferencing solutions for parliaments, city councils, court rooms, and more. “We believe the future of professional AV is software”, says Arthur Brockhoff, CSO at Arbor Media.

Arbor Media has been operating in conference recording and streaming services for more than 25 years. The company offers solutions for managing, recording, and distributing audio and video solutions for a diverse customer base, including parliaments, court rooms, broadcast stations and other professional organizations. “We focus on developing and delivering standardized, automatic and easy-to-use software solutions for meeting preparation and management services, compliance and conference recording services, live streaming, video-on-demand, transcription and archiving services”, says Arthur.


According to Arthur, the future of professional AV is software because it offers the flexibility and agility that customers demand today. “Instead of inflexible hard-coded, hardware-based solutions we offer a flexible software platform that is not only easy to manage, but also easy to adapt. Earlier, hardware dictated how to use conferencing and AV systems. Today, that is no longer necessary. Software allows you to create flexible workflows that support multi-platform distribution of live streams and video-on-demand files with a single mouse-click. This dramatically boosts efficiency and usability and protects investments in systems.”

New AV landscape

The software trend has changed the face of today’s technology landscape. Many traditional vendors have invested in software themselves or have taken part in ecosystems with software vendors. Arthur: “The software trend has led to new business models to which our industry has to adapt. Arbor Media is keen on collaborating with other interested parties in delivering best-in-class, comprehensive solutions to customers. Don’t forget to visit us at ISE 2018 and see for yourself how software is creating a new, exciting landscape!

Please visit us at booth 1-E120 and 1-E125 in hall 1 at ISE 2018.

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