City of Vilvoorde switches to Cmeets to be compliant with new government regulations

In order to be compliant with new Belgian government regulations, the city of Vilvoorde has selected Arbor Media’s Cmeets solution to support digital access to council meetings. New rules oblige Belgian city councils to provide citizens with an integral report of council meetings, either in text or as a an audiovisual recording. By deploying Cmeets as a means to manage and control all audiovisual aspects of the city council meetings, Vilvoorde is able to be compliant in a cost-effective and user-friendly way and make use of all user friendly features as conference control and digital voting.

Cmeets caters for full and automated control of the Bosch conferencing hardware Vilvoorde will deploy. All meetings will be recorded and stored in the cloud for easy retrieval by citizens. Thanks to metadata that is added by Cmeets, all meetings are searchable based on topics, speakers and more. Vilvoorde expects to go live, using the new platform during its last council meeting of 2018 in December.

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