Cmeets at the Council of Europe

The Committee of Ministers is the Council of Europe’s statutory decision-making body. Its role and functions are broadly defined in Chapter IV of the Statute. It is made up of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of member States. The Committee meets at ministerial level once a year and at Deputies' level (Permanent Representatives to the Council of Europe) weekly. The conduct of meetings is governed by the Statute and Rules of Procedure. Cmeets has been selected as the conference control environment for managing and control the Bosch Microphone Conference System in place at the Committee of Ministers conference room.

The Council of Europe, especially the Committee of Ministers, has high level demands towards handling of voting sessions. For this, we have implemented some new voting features including a full handling of secrete vote sessions including prevention of showing specific results on screen or voting sessions reporting. The multi control client topology allows conference control from different working positions as the President desk and the technical operator room.

From now on CMeets offers the Council of Europe a future proof environment allowing the committee meetings to be fully under control.


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Niek Bruseker
Niek Bruseker Technical Manager