ISE 2018 edition underlines momentum for Arbor’s ‘software first’ approach

ISE 2018 edition underlines momentum for Arbor’s ‘software first’ approach

Looking back on the 2018 edition of Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam RAI, it is clear our ‘software first’ approach is now in the center of attention. Having been operating in conference recording and streaming services for more than 25 years, we have been able to develop a robust and unmatched platform for managing, recording and distributing audio and video solutions. Over the course of these years we have built a diverse customer base, including parliaments, court rooms, broadcast stations and other professional organizations.

Our focus on developing and delivering standardized, automatic and easy-to-use software for meeting preparation and management services, compliance and conference recording services, live streaming, video-on-demand, transcription and archiving services has really caught on. At ISE 2018, we talked to hundreds of interested parties, including consultants, customers, prospects, end-users and partners. And everybody agrees that software is the future of AV and conferencing. All parties acknowledge that software offers the flexibility and agility that customers need today.

ISE 2018 has shown that the software trend, set off by Arbor Media, has changed the face of today’s technology landscape. Many traditional vendors invest in ecosystems with software vendors. We had talks with many companies that are looking for ways to enter this new world of software.

Furthermore, ISE 2018 underlined the strong interest for our platform among regional and local Dutch governments. We provided many demos and illustrated our capabilities through a number of real-life case studies from existing customers. It seems governments are in the forefront of developments in conferencing and AV and are eager to deploy effective, easy to use and reliable solutions. Based on years of experience in software development, Arbor Media continues to work on continuous improvement of its platform, extending it with useful features that make the software better every day.

We thank all partners and customers for their visit to our booth and for their inspiration. Hope to see you at the next edition of ISE!

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