Let’s meet up in Gouda

This year, the annual meeting of Dutch city clerks will take place in Gouda. The theme of the annual meeting of Dutch city clerks is “the clerk as source of information”. 2018 is a special year because the unity of Dutch city clerks celebrates its’ 15 year anniversary. For this special occasion, you can count on Arbor Media for a special Dutch treat. We made sure all visitors receive a small bag filled with typically Dutch ‘Stroopwafels’!

Being a source of information is only possible with the right tooling to get, hold and distribute all necessary data. We share the vision of the city clerk as source of information and therefore, we want to inform city clerks about the possibilities of Cmeets at the annual meeting.

Cmeets is the software you need to prepare, manage, record, publish and live stream meetings in just one workflow. With Cmeets, a city clerk can work faster, easier and more efficient.

Visit us in Gouda and learn about the possibilities of Cmeets.

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