Municipality of Noordwijk switches to Arbor Media’s technology

The municipality of Noordwijk has selected Arbor Media’s software platform Cmeets to support its council meetings. Noordwijk will deploy a series of features of the Cmeets platform, including Meeting Management for tagging/timestamping of agenda items, speakers and other markers, Professional Camera Control (with full professional functionalities, such as Quadrant View and Camera Preselection), use of IP-based cameras, Video Processing, Hall Display and Identification & Authorization. 

Arbor Media’s solution allows Noordwijk’s city clerk’s office to streamline the processes before, during and after city council meetings. Because the entire process is supported by software, the municipality becomes less dependent on hardware and modifications are much easier to implement. Among others, Cmeets can be integrated with Noordwijk’s council information system IBABS, which saves the clerk’s office time and resources. 
Noordwijk is a new municipality, formed through a merger of the municipalities of Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout as of January 1st, 2019. The new municipality has a population of 42,861. 

With this new project, Arbor Media has added a new municipality to its rapidly growing customer base. The company adds an average of two to three municipalities to its clientele each month, illustrating the power of the software-based Cmeets conferencing platform.


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