We have moved!

We have moved!

Arbor Media moves to new office to support growth ambitions and further enhance customer service

In order to support its growth ambitions and further enhance customer service, Arbor Media has moved to a new office, that offers twice as much space as the old one. The new, modern office is futureproof and offers a wide variety of productivity enhancing features that fit into The New Way of Working concept, like sit-stand workplaces, flexible desks and creativity corners.

New experience

The new location at Gildenbroederslaan in Doetinchem will enable Arbor Media to further boost product development and customer service. Karina Kreeftenberg, COO at Arbor Media. “We wanted to create a fully new experience for both customers and employees. Our customers benefit from a new, state of the art demo room where they can experience all of our solutions first hand in a real-life setting. Any setup is possible; we can address all customer requirements in this demo room. In addition, our employees profit from the latest insights and tools when it comes to the workplace. We have created a modern, inspiring environment where it is fun to work.”

Arthur Brockhoff, CSO at Arbor Media, is convinced the new office will fit and enable the company to deliver on its ambitious growth plans. “Right now, we have a strong focus on making our products and services as “standard and scalable” as possible. 

You might remember our slogan… “We believe professional AV is software”: Exactly that is happening at this moment! AV – IT. We continuously work on improving our software suites. We have invested heavily the last years, always listening to our customer’s functional requirements but with a strong focus on replacing “boxes” and hardware by software. 

With our latest software addition “CMeets”, we see our “dreams” become reality: It’s becoming the “standard” in Conference workflows, especially for local governments like City and County Councils. Not excluding the European Council using CMeets to control their conference equipment for voting and Hall displaying, the Nuclear Security Summit and the UN in Geneva. 

With the Dutch local market as learning marketplace for local government conference solutions, we succeeded in very short time to realize a considerable number of installations. (Bodegraven Reeuwijk, Oosterhout, Purmerend, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Papendrecht, Rotterdam, Breda, Gouda, Delft, Katwijk, Noord Brabant, Sumner TN USA and many more).

Our team is growing considerably and needed more office space. Not just “some” but especially the space we are moving to. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Arbor Media, Corporate Social Responsibility is an important topic. Therefore, the company hired local businesses to help move office. Also, redundant furniture from the previous office was returned to Doetinchemse Uitdaging, an initiative that distributes it among local companies for reuse.

As of October 13, 2017, Arbor Media is located at:

Gildenbroederslaan 2
7005 BM Doetinchem
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 314 399055
E-mail: info@arbor.media

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