LogDepot 7 Conference

LD7 captures audio and video feeds from your meeting rooms. It creates the
live streams you need for webcasting, records all the formats you desire, for
transcription, web publication, archiving and broadcast services. At the same
time it will automatically capture all relevant metadata, such as speaker
names and agenda items. LD7 provides a fast and user friendly web-based
interface for frame-accurate editing and cutting.
The integrated playlist function lets you collect various clips (such as all clips
from the same speaker), order them as you like and export it as one file.


Unique features

➢ Integrates with all major microphone systems
➢ Multi Language tracks (unlimited!)
➢ Web-based navigation and browsing
➢ Multi browser and tablet support
➢ Clip based search & navigation
➢ Full search interface (showing most relevant results on top)
➢ Full support for international character sets
➢ Support multiple timelines
➢ Frame accuracy
➢ Full SNMP support
➢ Browsing using High Quality format or Proxy format
➢ Runs with native H.264/AAC recording


The ideal VCR

LD7 is the final, ideal VCR. Recording from any interface, encoding to any common format &
bitrate, sending out live streams simultaneously and with virtually unlimited storage capacity.
Equipped with an extreme practical user interface to quickly retrieve any part of the


LogDepot 7 integrates seamlessly with Connected Views


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