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LogDepot Appliances
The LogDepot Appliances are simple off-the-shelf LogDepot boxes at a very competitive price level.
Standard configuration profiles eliminate complex setup procedures. LogDepot Appliances require no onsite installation of customized configuration. Connect & Record or Plug & Play!

The available appliances are:
1.   LIRA for Broadcast
An easy Broadcast Recording system in-a-box, recording upto 16 Television signals from (HD-)SDI or Transport Stream (TSoIP).

Click here for a detailed overview of LIRA Compliance recording system


2.    SARA for Conference
A standard device to record and stream an Audio/Video signal from a camera or videomixer output. Ideal to record plenary sessions from parliament, city council meetings, court room sessions or any other type of meeting. The SARA conference unit can be combined with a Connected Views[200] subscription, providing a professional Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand platform.

Download SARA Conference brochure

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