LogDepot Broadcast Functionality

The LogDepot architecture is powerful, yet simple in design. It was designed to be robust and reliable, but also scalable, flexible and efficient. The architecture offers full redundancy, if required.

The audio encoder or video encoder backends receive the input signals and record the signal on their local disk, while encoding or transcoding to the required formats. The system is capable of handling a number of input signals on one backend server PC: varying from a few to dozens. And there is virtually no limit to the number of backend servers, so scaling up the system is as simple as adding another backend server PC. On a modern server system, LogDepot can record dozens of television channels and hundredths of radio channels on one backend server. 

The fetcher process, residing on the AV server, continuously fetches small parts of the AV backends and stores the media onto the central storage.

The webclient, also residing on the AV server, provides the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the users on the customer network. The webclient will show all relevant recorded metadata, including closed caption subtitles from the Teletext stream and DVB metadata such as EPG.

The user can easily mark a part of the transmission and export this in various formats, including automatic creation of Audio CD / Video DVD or powerful E-player.

Overview of all the features for LogDepot Broadcast.

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