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Today, conferences and meetings are rarely one-off or stand-alone events. More and more often they are part of a broader multichannel communication platform. The same is true for courtroom sessions and city or county council meetings.

With the introduction of SARA, the Streaming And Recording Appliance, Arbor Media introduces a standardized, full automatic and thus easy to use digital webcasting and recording solution. The SARA Appliance is an off-the-shelf unit and requires no onsite installation or customized configuration. Connect, record and stream, all in one “Plug And Play” device.

SARA is available as a standard, off-the-shelf H.264 encoder for live or on-demand webcasting and recording conference applications.

It will capture the incoming audio and video signals and create a live web - or broadcast quality stream - during the sessions. Next to this it produces a preservation master and Video-on-Demand files for publication on the internet, including metadata.

SARA is highly suitable for multi-lingual applications by design, creating live streams and Video-on-Demand files for each language separately.

The SARA system automatically connects to the digital conference system (when available), supporting all important brands. This allows the SARA system to be used unattended! Streaming will automatically start when the meeting starts. During the meeting the conference system will supply speaker names (metadata) and other relevant information, so that this information can be shown on the live webportal.

When the meeting is stopped the system will automatically create Video-on-Demand files and a preservation master. Without requiring human interaction! Easy and flawless!

If users want to interact with the system (maybe because a name was misspelled or an agenda item is misplaced), they can access the recordings via a web-based client application, called Mediaboard. It is extremely easy to use and does not require local installation of specific software. The Mediaboard allows authorized users to modify metadata information and re-publish the meeting with just a few mouse-clicks!

The Mediaboard also provides a web interface for controlling and monitoring the meeting incl. a live metadata insertion tool.

The SARA is the perfect tool for conference room, courtroom or city hall live webcasting and recording.

  • Standardized plug & play system
  • Automatic start/stop streaming and/or recording from the conference system
  • Display live metadata events from the conference system (no manual interaction required)
  • Specific hardware configuration adapted to required system configuration (input formats)
  • Ready for multilingual installations (floor + up to 7 interpreter channels)
  • High availability redundancy hardware including hard disk RAID setup and redundant PSU
  • Automatic 24/7 cyclic buffer recording. Never miss a meeting!
  • Multiple user access via Mediaboard
  • Cost-effective, innovative and easy-to-use product
  • Very limited learning curve: just connect, start and operate!
  • Remote management via web interface
  • Supported input formats: SD or HD SDI, HDMI, Composite Video or audio only version; analog balanced audio signal
  • Seamless integration with Arbor Media’s Connected Views ‘in the Cloud’ video-on-demand and live streaming service

How does it work?

Basically SARA is designed in a tree layer operation concept.

Input layer: SARA encodes the incoming sources mainly for two purposes as there are, recording of incoming source and live stream generation.

Controlling layer: SARA offers a web interface based management and controlling interface allowing start-stop control, meeting management, review and publishing tasks.

Output layer: SARA offers a “record once publish many” concept. SARA integrates smoothly in operational architectures for producing recordings and streaming for multiplatform – multipurpose use.

SARA: the features

Audio and Video recording

SARA replaces your actual meeting recorder by a “state of the art” recording device. SARA supports recording of incoming signals in an open standard file format (H.264/AAC).

The unique 24/7 continuous recording buffer stores all signals for 5 days; it is the key to our "never miss a meeting" motto. It allows you to always navigate back through the last 5 days and "record"  and publish meetings afterwards. No panic if you forgot to start a recording or the automated recording system did not work!

Live Streaming

The system will automatically start webcasting the Live Stream (UDP and RTMP format) when the meeting starts or resumes. The Multi-Lingual models will create a separate live stream for each language channel. Starting and stopping the stream is controlled from the conference microphone systems like Televic, Shure/DIS, Bosch and Taiden, the room control system like Crestron or AMX or by using the “remote control” web client interface (manually).

Live Metadata Display

SARA allows a smooth integration with microphone conference systems allowing automatic generating of live events metadata, such as “Speaker name” and “Agenda item”. This information can be displayed along with the live stream or used during VOD file publishing.

Create Video-on-Demand files

When the meeting is stopped, the SARA will create VOD files in MP4 format (AAC or MP3 for audio only systems). The Multilingual models will produce one file for each language separately. Each file will have its own accompanying XML file describing the contents of the file, including metadata events.

Create Preservation Master

Apart from the VOD files, the system will create one Preservation Masterfile, containing all audio and video tracks in one file. The accompanying XML file, will containing all relevant meeting information.

Create offline copy on DVD or USB stick

Users can export meetings (audio and video) to a DVD or USB stick including metadata and recorded languages. The unique “E-Player” will be copied along. This E-Player automatically starts playing without installation when plugged into a computer, to allow users to watch and listen to the meeting but also to navigate by clicking on the metadata like speaker name, agenda point etc. Next to this, users can listen to language tracks when available. 

Click here to download the LogDepot SARA brochure!

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