The LogDepot is an efficient all-in-one product, that can be used for the following applications:

  • Compliance Recording

    Compliance Recording is the most popular use of the LogDepot by Broadcasters.

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  • Livestreaming

    Providing a live stream from an audio or video source, used to be easy using standard and free products.

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  • Web Publishing-VOD

    A video-on-Demand portal is more than just an audio or video file available for online play back. 

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  • Conference Recording

    LogDepot Conference can automatically capture information from microphone systems to include speaker names and other information provided by the microphone system.

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  • Transcription

    The specially developed T-Player (transcription player) turns a LogDepot system into an easy Hansard system for creation of the written protocol.

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  • Broadcast Monitoring

    LogDepot is a 24/7 recording application, highly suitable for Broadcast Monitoring.

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  • In-House Publishing

    The Mediaboard module allows any organisation to publish clips from the LogDepot for In-house purposes. 

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  • Archiving

    Create a high-quality Preservation Master without additional effort!

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  • Content Repurposing

    “Multi-channel marketing is the core of Content Strategy”

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