Providing a live stream from an audio or video source, used to be easy using standard and free products. But today, organisations that need to webcast live streams of their plenary debates, conference meetings, court-room sessions or broadcast material face more complex problems. The livecast must be visible on PC's, Macs, various tablets and various smartphones, and must include social media interaction such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Youtube and more. The system must show Speaker names, Agenda items and Voting results from voting systems or program titles and EPG data. All of this through automatic connection with microphone systems or Play-out systems, to provide easy, smooth and - above all - error-free operation.

Arbor provides all of this with the LogDepot Live Encoder and the Connected Views online portal.

The possibility to store the Live Stream and keep it online as a Video-on-Demand, is a standard feature.

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