Content Repurposing

“Multi-channel marketing is the core of Content Strategy”

Re-use your recorded broadcast or conference content for multichannel marketing purposes.

Are you looking for a solution that will feed your OTT or archiving platform the right way?

Arbor Media’s  LogDepot provides automatic or semi-automatic integration within your repurposing content and archiving workflow. Ingest and recording, clipping, multiple bitrates, multiple profiles, multiple delivery destinations, various bitrates, multiple resolutions along with the right metadata to feed your OTT or archiving platform: LogDepot 7 does it all!

From ingest and recording of content to delivery. Fast, accurate and reliable, typically integrated within other workflows.

LogDepot is typically used for the preparation of content for Video on demand platforms, In house distribution for different departments, webcasting, webTV and mobile platforms. 

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