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Keywords for a modern VOD platform are multi-browser, multi-device ánd interaction with social media (Facebook, LinkedIn,  Email, Youtube and more). While at the same time metadata, whether Speaker names, Voting Results, Agenda items or Program Title and EPG information, is of crucial importance for user friendly navigation and operation. The ever-increasing need for efficiency, requires metadata to be gathered automatically from conferencing systems (such as Bosch DCN, Televic, Taiden and DIS) or broadcast play-out systems.

The combination of the LogDepot Video Recorder (or Audio recorder) system and the Connected Views online portal provide a fully automated workflow from recording to online VOD portal. 

Arbor provides Video-on-Demand solutions for Parliaments, Court Rooms, City Halls and Broadcast Stations

Check out the Live Streaming section to read all about simultaneous live webcasting.

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