Supported Devices

Arbor Media software supports a number of camera's, discussion systems, meeting preparations and hardware accesories. In addition, it integrates with a number of 3rd parties. Below is a list of the brands and types that are supported or validated. If the preferred device for your organization is not on the list, please contact us for more information. 

A supported device means we have the device at our office in Doetinchem and we regularly test if it connects to our products. We usually upgrade these devices when an upgrade is offered and then test again. Once the test is succesful, the latest version is marked as "supported" the older version is marked as "validated". From every device that has been tested, a validation report is available. When issues with the device occur, we can actively support the customer. 

A validated device means that we have had the device at our office in Doetinchem and tested it with a positive outcome; it worked. A validation report of this device is available. However, we do not currently have this device at our office anymore and we cannot provide active support to the customer when issues occur. Also, we cannot guarantee that it connects with the latest version of Cmeets because we were unable to test this. All we know is that the device works with the version that is mentioned in the validation report. 

The features that are supported are inherent to the abilities of the device itself, please contact us for more information. 


Please note that the maximum amount of supported camera's is six. 

The two meeting preparation systems below are currently available. Other meeting preparation systems might be available upon request. Please contact for more information or questions. 

  • iBabs
  • Parleus

Card readers

  • (NFC) ACR122U 
  • (Card) ACR38
  • (NFC) uTrust 3700F


  • AXIS T8311 Joystick (6 button)

HDMI/IP Converter

  • Muxlab 500762-TX
  • NewTek Spark NDI-HX

From years of experience, we have learned that Cmeets can connect via API, with several room automation systems from, for example: 

  • Crestron
  • AMX
  • Extron

To connect with these systems, the room automation system in question needs to be configured and programmed with the Cmeets API. 

To learn more about this, please contact our sales department via 

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