Supported by Arbor Media software

Arbor Media software supports a number of camera's, discussion systems, meeting preparations and hardware accesories. In addition, it integrates with a number of 3rd parties such as Crestron. 

Below is a list of the brands and types of appliances that are supported or validated. 
If an appliance is supported, it means that the device is available for testing. If an appliance is validated, it means it worked at least once. 

If the preferred device for your organization is not on the list, please contact us for more information. 

Supported devices

  • Lumens VCA 50P
  • Avonic CM40W


  • Panasonic HE 40s
  • Avonic CM60-IP camera
  • Sony Visca EVI-D100
  • Sony SRG-300
  • Sony BRZ-700
  • Sony BRC-300
  • Angekis Saber IP 20x
  • NewTek NDI HX-PTZ1
  • Televic T-Cam (Lumens VC-302)
  • Bosch Conference Dome
    ​Bosch DCN-NG (CCU2)
    Bosch Dicentis Wireless and Wired
    Bosch CCS 1000
  • Bosch Next Generation
  • Bosch MultiMedia
  • Bosch Dicentis
  • Shure DIS models
  • Shure MXC
  • Shure MXC Wireless
  • Televic
    CoCon V1.2.0.25255
    CoCon V1.3.2.25967
    ​CoCon V1.3.3.26093
    CoCon V5.2.0.62
  • iBabs
  • Parleus
  • Dante adapter
  • Joysticks
  • Jogshuttles
  • Crestron
  • AMX
  • Extron
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