Rhenen and Stichtse Vecht municipalities to deploy Arbor Media’s Cmeets software

Rhenen and Stichtse Vecht municipalities to deploy Arbor Media's Cmeets software

Arbor Media is excited to announce that the municipalities of Rhenen and Stichtse Vecht are two new Dutch customers of its Cmeets solution. With Cmeets, the city council's clerk office can control the camera(s) and microphones during council meetings, create and keep track of synoptic voting, support automatic name display and create a list of speakers and queues.

In November 2017, the city council of Stichtse Vecht decided to build a new city council meeting hall in Breukelen. This includes a new AV system that will not only support the local council members during the meetings, but will also be used for recording and broadcasting. In addition, Cmeets will get a direct link to the council's own document management system, which will enable paperless meetings.


The municipality of Rhenen decided to install a new AV platform in the city council's main meeting room. Here, a Televic conferencing solution will be complemented by the Cmeets software.

For both new customers, Cmeets will enhance the efficiency of meetings and the work of the council's clerk office by automating many tasks. In addition, Rhenen and Stichtse Vecht are able to improve their service to citizens, who can easily retrieve information of the council’s work.

Arbor Media is making big strides in local government with customers that include Amsterdam, Den Haag, Zoetermeer, Gooise Meren and Bodegraven-Reeuwijk.

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